Infant Care System    

A therapeutic wearable device that intends to prevent babies at-home monitoring from critical situations, such as hypoxia and/or bradycardia, that could happen on premature babies, unstable airway conditions, siblings of two or more SIDS victims, SUID, and more. The ApnoSystems Infant Care System (ICS) is not yet US FDA authorized for marketing in the United States. We intend to pursue FDA authorization during 2017.

Apno Safer    

18 millions of patients suffer from Sleep Apnea in USA. There are many patients all around the world that can´t tolerate the CPAP masks or other traditional therapies. Our device does not replace these therapies but will help them until they find the definitive therapy for them. This device is slated to be another tool to help OSA patients. Children's obesity and Sleep Apnea could benefit too.

Flight Rest Guardian    

This is a wearable device thought for Sleep Apnea passengers (Airplanes, cruises, etc.). It is well known that the risk of heart troubles in certain passengers is greater while flying. We are especially interested in offer this device to those airline passengers that suffer OSA and can not carry their CPAP masks to the flights and who wish to fly more securely. The airlines companies could benefit solving this problem to their clients, and obviously this passengers will prefer the companies that offer this device. CruiseLines and Railways companies could benefit too.

Anti Drowsiness wearable    

A consumer product for many uses that prevents the wearer from getting asleep. There may be moments during the day where one feels a little drowsy. Sometimes this occurs when driving, operating equipment, or working in security. In these cases the device offers protection. Simply adjust the treshold stimulus to the level one needs. Falling asleep can be prevented.

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